Uncomplicate your Apps with Voice

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Why uncomplicate?

Enable multilingual users

Non-English users find it difficult to use your app and frequently drop off.

Reduce Customer support cost

Customers are unable to discover your app's capabilities and frequently call customer care.

Increase app engagement

You're looking to increase your app's engagement with existing users.


The fastest and easiest developer platform for building
multi-lingual and multi-modal Voice Augmented eXperiences for Mobile and Web Apps

Usecases with Slang
Augment Meaning

Slang enables businesses

to augment the visual experience of their mobile apps with voice.
This allows users to interact with these apps using touch, voice or both, choosing the right interface for each interaction. What’s more, Slang allows users to speak to apps in the language of their choice.

Platform SDKs available

How can Slang help me?

Simplify Navigation

Simplified Navigation

Flattens your app and makes everything just a single command away

“Enable international roaming to USA”
“Turn on dark mode”

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity

Voice is 3 times faster than typing

“Dark blue jeans medium size”
“Mediterranean veggie pizza without mushrooms”

Vocalization before Localization

Vocalization Before Localization

Allows users to interact in the language of their choice

“कुमार को 200 रुपए ट्रांसफर करो”
“ಕುಮಾರ್‌ಗೆ 200 ರೂಪಾಯಿ ಕಳುಹಿಸಿ”

Reduced Ambiguity

Reduced Ambiguity

Visual and voice based prompting to clarify user intent

“I’d like to transfer money to Kumar”
Slang: “How much?”

Great for Businesses. Built for Developers.

Powerful APIs. Simple Integration.


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Login to Console


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Integrate our SDK


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Analyse user behaviour

Slang Integration MobileSlang Integration TabletSlang Integration Desktop

Login to Console

Create an account and configure your Slang Buddy with the custom intents, entities, flows and prompts.
Train only in English and let Slang automatically handle other languages.

Integrate SDK

Integrate our easy to use SDK into your app and automatically add a Slang trigger in your mobile or web app and add logic to trigger actions for intents/entities configured in your Buddy. Your customer can start talking to your app in any one of the supported languages, even though your app is English based.

Analyze user behaviour. Repeat.

Use built-in Analytics to understand how users are using your app with Voice. What utterances and in what languages are they speaking and learning what they are expecting from your app. Retrain the model easily using the collected utterances.

Slang.initialize ({      
    buddyId: “BUDDY_ID_HERE”,
    apiKey: “API_KEY_HERE”,
    env: "stage",      
    locale: "en-IN",      
    onSuccess: () => { console.log("Success"); },  
    onFailure: () => { console.log("Failure"); }  

Coming Soon


All the tools you need. In one place.

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Speech Recognition



Text to

Context Awareness


Lifecycle Management

Voice and Lifecycle
UI Management

Follow on Conversations

Follow on

User Analytics


Error Handling

Error Handling
and Help Framework

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language

Multilingual Support


And more..

Composite entity types

List processing

Customizable UI

Pre-built templates

Customizable speech timeouts

Integration with Google Assistant

Train in English. Recognize other languages.

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