Talk to your apps. With Slang.

We Indians love to talk. And in multiple languages! But our apps want us to learn a new language: using our fingers. We feel this is unfair.

So we're building Slang, a mobile SDK for enabling apps to understand and react to your voice.

Fingers, you can rest now!

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Converse Freely

Smart voice assistant right inside your app

Slang is a Voice to Action mobile SDK that enables app developers to easily add a natural voice interface to control their apps.

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Kumar Rangarajan
Chief Slacker

Hyper-threaded Multitasker.
He was CEO of Little Eye Labs, acquired by Facebook.
Ex- IBM, Rational, HP.

Col. Hathi Kumar
Obsessive Dictator

Obesessively bossy. Boastful, pompous. Likes being in charge. Dislikes order refusal, disorder.

Giridhar Murthy
Chief Space Keeper

Polyglot Code Ninja.
Cofounded Little Eye Labs. Built perf-tools at Facebook.
Ex- Apple, AMD, IBM.

Bagheera Murthy
Compulsive Coder

Compulsively responsible, persistent, intellectual, humble, irritable, helpful, loyal, watchful, dignified.

Satish Gupta
Chief Linter

Polymath Neural Network.
Compiles poetry in natural & programming languages.
Ex- Microsoft Research, IBM.

Baloo Gupta
Disorder Brewer

Disorderly jovial, playful, laid back, content, protective, caring. Likes food & beer. Dislikes being serious.