Ever imagine if your users could talk to your apps?
We've imagined it for you.
Augment the visual experience of your mobile apps with voice.

Enable your users to interact with your app with voice and touch at the same time.

And in the language of their choice.

Truly the best of both worlds.
'How can adding a VAX help my business?'
Wider User Demographic
Use multi-lingual voice conversations to reach non-english, non-technical users.
Reduce Friction
Flatten UI hierarchy for easy information retrieval & better user engagement.
Reduce Support Calls
Easily add multi-lingual 24/7 in-app voice help to scale down support costs.
Simplify Multi-Step Transactions
Help users get things done faster in your app with one-shot actions.
Meet Slang;
our VAX building Platform
We wanted to help people like you bring the next billion users on the Internet and increase engagement for your existing users by providing the next gen UX to them.

It's a long journey.
But that's why we made Slang.

We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to help you add voice to your apps.
'Enough Talking.
I want to see Slang in action'
'Awesome. But, how do I add Slang to my app?'
We've optimized the process to be as smooth as possible for you.
Pick an app. Think about how you want to VAXify it from the point of view of your end user. We have a template to help you.
Convert your designed template into a configuration. So that Slang understands your app's domain better.
See your Configuration in action without writing even a single line of code.
Add the VAX to your app. We've taken care of all the nuts and bolts. But give you all the control.
See how people use your VAX. Improve and expand the experience over time.
'I like what I see. Where do I start?'
That's simple, click on the button below.
Psst, no credit cards required too.
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