Are you a Developer?

You want to add a VAX to your app? You've come to the right place!

Watch Dev and Ved explain the 5 steps to building a VAX with Slang.

1. Design

Our Design Template spec-sheet helps you define your initial use cases, conversational flows and the entire experience for your end user.

2. Configure

Sign up on our Console. Create a buddy for your app and configure it using the ss your guide.

3. Test

Quickly see Slang in action for your Buddy, without writing a single line of code, using the SlangPlayground App. Test out your utterances and see how Slang identifies the configured Intents and Entities.

4. Build

Fold the Slang Android SDK into your build scripts. Initialize the Buddy in your app's onCreate() method. Register a handler for the configured intents.

Voila! You have VAXified your app!

5. Analyze

Iteratively improve your voice offering by updating the Intents and Utterances to suit your customers' manners of speaking over time, using the Analytics section of the console.