Talk to your app

Add a multi-lingual voice interface, to enable app interactions via voice in addition to touch.

Fingers, you have a friend now!

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Without Slang


With Slang

Simplify the UX. Reduce Thought-to-Action Latency.

What you get

Smart voice assistant, right inside your app.

Integrated Platform

Get multi-lingual Voice to Action with touch in one package

Multimodal & Context Aware

Enable context aware natural conversations spanning voice & touch

Simple APIs

Quickly add voice interface to your app with just a few lines of code

Powerful recognition

Infer specific actions from conversational sentences with minimal training

Custom Intents

Easily configure app specific intents in the Slang Console

Your brand, your experience

Customize Slang to suit your brand experience

Your app, Your customers

No dependency on any voice assistant ecosystems

Pre-built intent categories

Get plug & play intent sets for your business domain (coming soon)

Multiple languages

Understand more languages to expand user base (coming soon)

How Slang works

How to use Slang

Step 1: Configure use cases to be exposed via voice

SlangApplication.initialize(appContext, "<app_id>", "<auth_key>", new ISlangApplicationStateListener() {
    public void onInitialized() {
        // Slang has successfully initialized, now register actions
        SlangApplication.getIntentDescriptor( "").setResolutionAction(new DefaultResolvedIntentAction() {
            public SlangSession.Status action(SlangResolvedIntent intent, SlangSession session) {

                // Complete the action for this intent

                return session.success();

Step 2: Integrate Slang into your app


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Preethi Jyothi

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay

Research Areas: Automatic Speech Recognition and machine learning as applied to speech.