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₹35K ($500) / Mo

₹3.5L ($5K) / Yr
₹60K ($850) / Mo

₹6L ($8.5K) / Yr
Included Intents Unlimited 10 20
Cost per Additional Intent N/A ₹3.5K ($50) / Mo ₹3K ($42) / Mo
Number of Resolutions 50K / Yr 500K / Yr 1M / Yr
Analytics Data Retention 6 months 18 Months 24 months
Slang Branding Mandatory Optional Optional
Customization Minimal Full Full
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Frequently Asked Questions about Pricing and Plans
A1. Intents normally map to features on your App that you want to expose via voice. We want you to give the best VAX experience you can give to your users without thinking about your purchase department. Therefore the first 10 intents are included in your payment plan. After that you pay for only what you use. We care about you having the best value for money.
A2. Which one of your children is your favourite? For most people that's a tough answer. We don't want you to worry about which one of your features you want to VAXify when you are trying us out. VAXify your entire App and then decide which feature you want to take to production.
A3. On the paid plan, we will charge you monthly at the end of the month.
A4. You will be charged for the entire month.
A5. That is the number of times an utterance spoken by the user is resolved into its intents and entities (if any).
A6. We understand there are different type of developers. Some have a short and fast development cycles, while other's have long, month's long ones. To cater to them all, the entire year's quota of resolutions is available at the start of the billing cycle. Use wisely, or not, it's upto you.
A7. We will bill you on a pro-rated basis for the additional resolutions every month. Or if you want to switch to a more custom plan, let us know at
A8. Slang Analytics is this cool thing which tells you how your users have been using the VAX on your App. With it you can make the VAX better, learn what's on your user's minds when they use your App, etc. But on the free plan the amount of data available to you is only for last rolling 6 month. Don't worry, we won't purge the data, it just won't be available to you to view.
A10. The surface is the customer facing UI that handles the voice queries and responses in your App. In the free version you will not be able to change its custom out of the box styling. In the paid plans though you can customize it with your brand colors, or your style. In the free version, though, in addition to the surface and trigger icon being in Slang colours there will also be a banner which says, "Powered by Slang." This is optional in the paid version.